Homecoming 2012 celebrates Alumni

By Sarah Hoffbeck

Tradition. Pride. Success. Vibrant. Strong. Leaders.

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NDSCS Homecoming: September 24-29, 2012

These are the calling cards of alumni from NDSCS. You may be an alumni dating back from when we were the State School of Science, or perhaps you just graduated from NDSCS a few years ago. Whatever the case may be, we hope you know how vital you are and have been to the NDSCS community.

Our truly supportive alumni have been instrumental in shaping NDSCS into the college it has become. Without their generous support, care, and donations NDSCS would not be where it is today.

With over 29,000+ active alumni, it’s hard not to see how they have impacted NDSCS, let alone the communities of Wahpeton and Breckenridge. You may not know it, but NDSCS Alumni are everywhere. They are the professors on campus, your neighbors next door, the nurse at the clinic, maybe even your co-worker or boss.

While we all face our trials and tribulations, NDSCS has stood the test of time. It is the second oldest public two-year college in the country and has been in place since 1903. NDSCS is truly committed to a tradition rooted in quality and integrity. NDSCS is also committed to success—the success of its students, faculty and staff, and community members.

And while it may seem like a time to reminisce, and of course it is, Homecoming is also a time to celebrate. NDSCS is a home where people are friendly and welcome everyone, take pride in their education and work, and really believe in what is happening and taking place on campus.

NDSCS is proud to welcome alumni, family, friends, and community onto its campus once again this Homecoming season.

For a complete list of NDSCS Homecoming events, go to ndscs.edu/homecoming.

Blikre Family Gives Back to NDSCS


The late Claire T. Blikre, NDSCS President, 1966-1987

By Sarah Hoffbeck

Claire T. Blikre was the sixth president to serve at NDSCS. He began his first day of work at what was then called the State School of Science on October 17, 1966 and served until June 30, 1987. President Blikre’s ambitious leadership proved instrumental in growing the college. A true visionary, Blikre expanded the campus of NDSCS with the addition of numerous physical facilities.

Recently, the NDSCS Foundation was fortunate to receive a $173,000 gift from the estate of the late LaVonne Blikre, Dr. Claire T. Blikre’s wife, which will help fund an athletic stadium renovation project on the NDSCS campus. Mrs. Blikre’s generous gift will help fund improvements to the Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni Stadium including: renovated public restrooms and concession area, a new retail outlet for the campus bookstore, and new locker rooms.

During his 21 years of presidency— yes, you read correctly, 21! —Blikre accomplished numerous things for NDSCS. Perhaps two of the most important accomplishments of his tenure were that enrollment grew by 1,500 students and new buildings worth over $16 million were added.

Check out the following timeline of the “best of the best” from Blikre’s presidency and be sure to check out our Flickr account at flickr.com/photos/ndscs to view photos from the archives. Gotta love those black and whites!

1966: Clair T. Blikre becomes 6th President

1967: Barnard Hall was built; Continuing Education Division established

1968: Robertson Hall was built; Student Center Addition completed

1969: Walton Hall was built

1970: Mildred Johnson Library completed

1971: Schulz Hall, College Complex, and the Earl “Skip” Bute Alumni and Frank Vertin Athletic Field were built; Forkner Hall Addition completed

1973: Nordgaard Hall was built

1974: Mechanical Systems Building and Bisek Hall were built

1975: Ballweber Hall Addition completed; women’s basketball was revived on campus; Schuett Hall was built

1976: State School of Science named 1st Bicentennial College in North Dakota

1977: Blikre Activities Center completed

1978: State School of Science 75th Anniversary Celebration

1979: College Complex NW and College Complex SE were built

1980: Wildcat Willie made his 1st appearance at the Homecoming Game on Oct. 13!

1981: Record Enrollment reaches 3,422 students (2,354 men/1,068 women)

1982: Schuett Hall Addition completed

1983: Student Center Addition to Bookstore completed; Stern Cultural Center was built

1987: State School of Science (SSS) becomes North Dakota State College of Science; Blikre resigns as president

While each president of the college can be credited for particular accomplishments, Vernon Hektner summed it up quite nicely in his quote from NDSCS: 100 Years of Excellence, “In short, Riley started the college on the vocational-technical track, Haverty built the curriculum, and Blikre built the facilities—brick and mortar.”

Indeed, Blikre left an everlasting legacy to the campus of NDSCS.