NDSCS-Fargo And Online Options

By Sarah Hoffbeck

Is your student considering attending NDSCS? Besides the traditional, residential campus located in Wahpeton, N.D., a commuter location referred to as NDSCS-Fargo can be found right in Fargo near the Fargodome. Plus, NDSCS also offers a number of academic options online.

NDSCS-Fargo is the perfect option for students who don’t want to live in Wahpeton or commute every day. As a commuter location, it provides more flexible scheduling to accommodate work schedules while still offering a variety of different academic programs and options.

NDSCS Online is literally anywhere you are and offers hard-to-find flexibility and convenience. Plus, online classes are available 24/7, making meeting assignment deadlines easier. With over a dozen program options to choose from, NDSCS Online truly is a great fit for today’s busy college student.

Here at NDSCS the possibilities on how and where your student can earn their degree is endless!