Register For NDSCS Classes In 4 Steps!

By Sarah Hoffbeckgirl_inside

Is your current NDSCS student interested in taking summer classes? Or will they be returning this Fall? Summer semester begins at NDSCS on Tuesday, June 7 and Fall semester begins on Monday, August 22. Current NDSCS students should meet with their Academic Advisor to assist in developing a class schedule and to review progress towards graduation.

Steps to Register
Registering for classes is a process that must be completed each semester.

  1. Log into your CampusConnection Account.
  • Check to see who your Academic Advisor is.
  • View your registration appointment.
  • Complete the Financial Obligation Agreement.
  • View any holds and make sure to clear them.
  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor to develop your schedule.
  2. Register for classes by logging into your CampusConnection account.
  3. Fill out a Graduation Petition Form if applicable.

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Please contact the Student Success Center located in Old Main by calling 701-671-3000 or 1-800-342-4325 ext. 3000 or emailing