Biodiesel Education Seminar To Be Held At NDSCS

By Sarah HoffbeckHoon to present at NDSCS

Are you a current or future diesel or biodiesel mechanic interested in learning how to properly diagnose and recommend appropriate remedies? Then mark your calendar and plan to attend the Biodiesel Education Seminar this Wednesday, February 19 from 11 a.m. – noon in the Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center at NDSCS.

Renowned educational speaker and fuel expert Hoon Ge will present on the following diesel and biodiesel topics:

  • History of diesel
  • General biodiesel information
  • Emissions
  • OEM biodiesel positions
  • 2007 engines
  • Biodiesel supply and demand
  • BQ 9000 fuel quality
  • Benefits and compatibility of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel
  • Filter plugging sources
  • Good fuel housekeeping
  • Useful informational resources

Hoon, a chemical engineer with 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry—including refining, additive formulation and alternative fuels—has conducted over 200 educational seminars on topics of diesel, biodiesel, fuel additives, the refinery process and ethanol.