Save $$ And Rent Your Books At NDSCS!

By Sarah HoffbeckRenting Texbooks at NDSCS

With the start of classes at NDSCS just around the corner (we know, the summer has flown by!), now is the time for your student to start thinking about getting the textbooks they will need for their classes.

While your son or daughter can always buy their books at the NDSCS Bookstore, the Bookstore also offers the option to rent textbooks.

Renting books is a great way for your student to save hundreds of dollars throughout their two or three year career at NDSCS. Often, students can save up to 55% off of new textbook prices.

All rented books may be written in, highlighted and also returned or exchanged. Pay the rental fee with Wildcat Bucks, credit card, check or cash.

Your student can either stop in at the NDSCS Bookstore to see which books they can rent, or visit the Bookstore’s website and do a quick search from there.

Enjoy the next few weeks—they’ll go fast. We can’t wait to welcome your son or daughter to NDSCS. They’ve made a great choice!