Student Health 101

Student Health 101By Sarah Hoffbeck

Did you know that NDSCS provides an interactive online student magazine every month, for free? It’s called Student Health 101 and gives college students a way to stay up-to-date on the latest health and wellness issues prevalent on most college campuses today.

Student Health 101 is written for students and often by students, and includes articles on topics such as body image, healthy relationships, sexual health and responsibility, money management, sleep habits and much more.

January’s edition features a variety of articles and information including my favorite entitled, “13 Apps for a Healthy 2013.” We all love our smartphones and this list includes must-have apps on healthy eating, rest and relaxation, and exercise.

In addition to Student Health 101, NDSCS also provides a free monthly companion piece for parents called The Parent Perspective, which provides a summary of the topics covered in that month’s student version as well as a link to check out the student version. Check out January’s Parent Perspective via this link:

Remind your student to look for a new edition of Student Health 101 every month, which can be accessed from the NDSCS Student Life webpage at

Happy reading!