Q&A With Stu Engen: New NDSCS Athletic Director And Head Men’s Basketball Coach

By Sarah HoffbeckNDSCS Basketball

With Basketball season finally upon us, I thought it was time to sit down with the new NDSCS Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach to pick his brain and talk about the Men’s Basketball team.

How has the NDSCS Men’s Basketball team been doing this season?

Stu Engen: So far our record is 10-2. We’ve had a great start to our season. With just two games left to play before winter break, our hope is to be 12-2.

This is your first season coaching at NDSCS. How have things been going?

SE: As a whole, we have great team chemistry. Everyone seems to be mixing well. One of our goals is to continue to get better play off the bench. As far as the College is concerned, I really am proud to be here. NDSCS is a great place with good people to work for and with.

What does it mean for your players, or any other athlete for that matter, to be a student athlete here at NDSCS?

SE: It is expected that all student athletes at NDSCS represent the College, program and themselves in a positive and mature way. We have three rules for our Men’s Basketball team: Keep your nose clean, stay ahead in your academics, and continue to do your best and become a better player.

After talking to Stu Engen, I was also able to chat with Paulette Stein, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, about the NDSCS Women’s Basketball team, which holds an 8-5 record.

Tell me about the Women’s Basketball team and how they have being doing this season.

Paulette Stein: We have a very balanced team this year with great energy. We want to continue to improve and play as one. One of our goals is to be 10-5 by winter break. Our team chemistry and respect for each other has really helped us this season.

What does it mean for your players to be a student athlete here at NDSCS?

PS: For a lot of our players, being able to play for NDSCS gives them a chance to continue to play later at a four-year college and maybe earn a basketball scholarship. We really want our players to do well and stay focused academically as well. We have three rules for our Women’s Basketball team: Do what’s right, do your best, and treat others well.

The next home Men’s and Women’s Basketball games are this weekend during the 2012 Circle of Nations Classic Tournament hosted by the Wildcats. Tip off against Minot Air Force Base will be at 6 p.m. for the ladies and at 8 p.m. for the men. If you can’t make it to the game, tune in to 1450 AM KBMW or Listen Live on the NDSCS Athletic site.

This Circle of Nations Classic should prove to be an exciting tournament. The “Honor Song” will be played in place of the “National Anthem” during the Saturday Men’s game and the half-time show will feature a Song and Dance Performance by the Circle of Nations. Authentic Indian tacos will also be offered for purchase in the concessions area.

Go Wildcats!