NDSCS Partnerships Benefit Students

NDSCS Partnerships Benefit StudentsBy Sarah Hoffbeck

Did you know that NDSCS has 14 partnerships with area businesses and industries? John Deere, Haas Manufacturing and Caterpillar, to name just a few, provide the College with the most advanced technologies and equipment for students to use and learn on.

Just last week NDSCS announced a new partnership agreement with RDO Integrated Controls that will provide land surveying and civil engineering technology students the opportunity to learn on state-of-the-art industry equipment each academic year. This year’s equipment is valued at $225,000.

Students will now be able to learn hands-on on this impressive equipment, giving them a rare advantage in their field.

The Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology program at NDSCS is designed to prepare students for work as engineering and surveying technicians in construction-related industries.

In 2011, there were more than 8 jobs reported for each Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology graduate. If jobs such as surveying, drafting and material testing sound like something up your alley, the Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology program could be the right fit for you.