Get Out & Rock The Vote!

By Sarah Hoffbeck

Tuesday, November 6 = Election Day

Are you ready to vote this Tuesday, November 6? Whether you’re a college student or a member of the community, now is the time to make your vote count. I know we’ve all heard it before, but as Americans we do have the right to vote. If you’re like me, politically uninformed, you may be struggling to decide on whom to vote for… To learn more about the presidential candidates, and perhaps figure out which way you sway, go to You can even take a quiz to find out who your top 2012 presidential candidate match is.

Student Voting Tips

  • If you’re a college student who is a North Dakota resident and living away from your permanent residence, you can vote by absentee ballot. An absentee ballot allows you to vote either in person at your county auditor’s office before Election Day, or by mail.
  • If you attend college away from your North Dakota residence and you live on or off campus, you may vote in the precinct, or voting area, of your college residence.

Other Voting Tips

  • To register to vote in North Dakota you must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of North Dakota, 18 years of age or older on Election Day and a precinct resident for 30 days preceding the election.
  • If you vote at the Poll on Election Day remember to bring your I.D. requirements.
  • Not sure where to vote in Wahpeton? Go to to locate your ward boundaries and poll locations.
  • To view a sample ballot, go to and type in your house number and zip code.

Good luck and see you at the Polls!