Tweet, Text Or Talk…Staying In Touch With Your College Student

By Sarah Hoffbeck

“LOL,” “BTW,” “OMG,” “TTYL.”  Translations: “Laugh out  loud,” “By the way,” “Oh my god,” and “Talk to you later.” The list is practically endless. These popular text messages have taken abbreviations to a whole new level and are standard in any teen’s arsenal of Social Mediatexting vocabulary.

Chances are you’ve already hopped on the texting train…but in today’s fast-paced society of perpetually changing technology, Twitter, Facebook and Skype are also great ways to stay in touch with your college-aged son or daughter.

Never heard of Skype? It’s a quickly growing form of communication on the Internet. Basically, if you have a phone number and access to the Internet, you can talk or even video-chat for free! Check out this video tutorial on all things Skye:

While it’s great to hear their actual voice, lets face it—between running back and forth from the dorm to class to work, and trying to have a social life, a text or post on Facebook from your student is the next best thing.

So grab your phone, laptop or iPad and hop to it. Keep in touch with your son or daughter through social media. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it… Whatever floats your boat! And for those of you who might be a bit technically challenged, don’t worry. All it takes is a little practice. Before you know it, you’ll be texting and tweeting away like a pro.

Stay connected with NDSCS and your student.


CUL8R (See you later) 🙂