Spring Enrollment Shows Continuing Pattern Of Growth At NDSCS

North Dakota State College of Science today announced a 6.5 percent increase in spring enrollment from 2011.  As of Monday, February 6, the twentieth instruction day of the semester, NDSCS has 2,811 registered students, an increase of 172 students, compared to one year ago when 2,639 students were enrolled.

In the past four years, NDSCS spring enrollment has increased 23.7 percent from 2,272 students in 2009 to 2,811 in 2012.

“We are encouraged that more students, parents and high school counselors are hearing the message and understanding that two-year college certificates and degrees can lead to high-paying careers,” said John Richman, NDSCS president.

The spring 2012 student body includes:

  • 57 percent full-time students, 43 percent part-time students
  • 1,374 students living on the Wahpeton campus
  • 70 percent of students are from North Dakota
  • Students from 51 of the 53 North Dakota counties
  • 29 students from 13 foreign countries, including Canada
  • 1,703 first-year students, 1,108 second-year students

Several factors have contributed to the surge in enrollment, including the demand for highly-trained workers in western North Dakota, the impact of the national economy and greater awareness of job placement for graduates of two-year colleges.  NDSCS’ 2011 graduate placement rate was 99 percent, meaning the graduates are employed or continuing their education.  Seventy percent of the students found employment in North Dakota or transferred on to a North Dakota four-year university.  For full details of the NDSCS Placement Report, go to www.ndscs.edu/placement.

“NDSCS has made a concerted effort to reach out to a greater number of traditional and non-traditional students through the expansion of the NDSCS-Fargo campus,” said Richman.  “Our efforts to offer a variety of flexible class schedules and options will continue to expand as we make the NDSCS classes more available to a wider range of students in the future.”