NDSCS DECA Members Travel To New York For Leadership Academy

Three members of the North Dakota State College of Science Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) recently traveled to New York with business instructor Gregory Anderson to attend the Collegiate Leadership Academy.

Carman Hoffman of Browns Valley, Minn., participated in an advertising track, Donovan Stegall of Inkster, Mich., was a participant in the sports and entertainment track and Andrey Mikaylov of Moscow, Russia chose the finance track.

During the competition, each student attended an initial briefing for their event before attending a one-day seminar where they visited locations relevant to their respective career tracks in New York City to be exposed to the business and its marketing functions. Then, competitive teams were formed and each was given a “true-to-life” case problem.

NDSCS had one winner, Carman Hoffman. Hoffman’s group placed first in the Madison Avenue Advertising Track for their campaign to promote travel to the United States. Through her experience, Hoffman was able to tour John Walter Thompson, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and had the opportunity to work with MediaCom and Brand Union. Hoffman worked primary on the creative for her team’s campaign: the television commercial, mock website, magazine ads, QR codes and billboards, while her teammates worked on the budget, identified the target market and worked on the overall presentation.

“The trip to New York was a great opportunity and I couldn’t have done it without NDSCS. I never would have imagined traveling to New York, working with the world’s largest advertising agencies and getting internship opportunities because of it. DECA made that possible for me,” said Hoffman.

Twenty-eight groups competed in the Madison Avenue Advertising Track. Collegiate DECA is a student-centered organization whose program of leadership and personal development is designed specifically for students enrolled in business administration and management related programs. (Learn more about NDSCS DECA.)

The Collegiate Leadership Academy is held every fall in New York and is attended by DECA members, members of other college organizations and any college student who are looking to enhance their leadership skills.