NDSCS Enrollment Surpasses 25-year High

North Dakota State College of Science, the two-year public college on North Dakota’s eastern border, is celebrating enrollment numbers similar to those last attained in the early 1980s.  Fall enrollment at the College has reached a 28-year high of 3,127 students, a 10.4 increase over fall 2010.  The College last saw student enrollment numbers over 3,000 in 1983.

“NDSCS has strived to make a two-year public education more accessible and attainable for traditional and non-traditional students throughout the region by offering classes in Wahpeton, in Fargo at NDSCS-Fargo and online,” said Dr. John Richman, NDSCS president. “Today’s enrollment numbers reflect the growing number of students who are becoming aware of and taking advantage of the new and diverse class formats.”

Enrollment has been increasing steadily for the last four years. 2011 fall enrollment is 294 students over last fall’s headcount of 2,833 students. Since 2007, enrollment has grown by nearly 30 percent (710 students).

“Students are looking for recession-proof careers and NDSCS offers these specific, employable degrees,” said Karen Reilly, executive director of enrollment services.  “As salaries rise with a two-year education, so does enrollment.”

“Our graduates are able to start their careers with well-paying salaries, and numerous job and advancement opportunities.  Others seek out NDSCS to benefit from small class sizes and individual attention, as they transition from high school to college,” said Richman.

On-campus housing has also experienced a boom, as students living at the Wahpeton campus increased 8.5 percent to 993 this year. This is the third consecutive year more students have chosen to live on campus.  One reason for the increase is the popular Stay & Save program that offers current students the ability to lock in housing and dining rates in the spring to avoid annual price increases for the following academic year.

“Living on campus plays an integral role in the academic achievements and personal development of our students,” commented Melissa Johnson, executive director of residence life. “As we continue to experience growth, we remain committed to providing a safe and affordable environment for each student.”

The 2011 student body includes 1,791 full-time students and 1,336 part-time students. The number of women enrolled at NDSCS continues to rise, with 1,340 enrolled this fall, roughly 43% of the total enrollment.

The enrollment data shows NDSCS continues to do an exemplary job serving North Dakota students.  NDSCS has registered students from 51 of the state’s 53 counties. The total number of students from North Dakota (2,166) comprises more than 69 percent of the student body.

Representation from neighboring states includes:  Minnesota, 22 percent; South Dakota, 2.5 percent; and Montana, 2 percent. NDSCS has students enrolled from 37 states other than North Dakota, two Canadian provinces, and nine foreign countries.