Lacher Accepts Roy Kemp Award

Barb Lacher, Pharmacy Technician Associate Professor at the North Dakota State College of Science, has been awarded the Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC) Roy Kemp Award. This nationwide award honors one pharmacy technician educator who has distinguised themselves through significant contributions in the field of pharmacy technician education, as recognized by the PTEC.

Nominees must be a current, active member of the PTEC, demostrate a valued contribution to the education of pharmacy technicians, attent at least one annual meeting within a three year time span and participate in PTEC activities through contributions to the newsletter, joining PTEC committees and/or speaking at PTEC annual meetings.

“We are very proud of Barb and her contributions to the pharmacy technician field, both as a PTEC member and an NDSCS educator – preparing our students to become leaders themselves,” said Harvey Link, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.